Wheel Repair

At A-1 Bumper Fender Repair, we firmly believe your wheels are a significant part of your vehicle. We pride ourselves on ensure they’re working as safely and stylishly as possible. Our auto body shop offers repairs and refinishing for wheels, from small to medium curb damage. This includes refinishing services for curb rashes running from silver to black wheels and most alloy wheels.

We offer a variety of curb rash maintenance and wheel repair needs to our clients. Driving on a damaged wheel is incredibly dangerous and also a hindrance to the aesthetic of your overall vehicle. Don’t do it for any longer. Come on over and get quality wheel refinishing at our professional collision repair shop. It is our customers' satisfaction over our custom car parts and services that always inspires us to do better in this business.

We build mutually beneficial relationship with our clients by giving them large selection of premium wheels at marked down prices. Our goal is to always make A-1 Bumper Fender Repair your number one destination for your repair and refinishing needs in wheels. Don’t wait to spice up your ride. Contact us in Corona, CA today!